Lunch Order Cancellations and Refund Policy

Sick days:  In order to receive credit for sick days, we must be notified by 7 am at the latest.  We must be notified every day that your student is out sick if they have a lunch order placed and you would like credit. 

 Other cancellations:  For other cancellations such as field trips, change in lunch plans, etc. we require 24 hours notice in order to receive credit.  

 Snow days:  Snow days are only credited if the food has not already been purchased.  If the food has not already been purchased, you will be credited.

 These policies are in place in order to ensure we can continue to offer healthy, wholesome, fresh hot lunches at affordable prices.  All of our lunches are prepared by our staff onsite daily using fresh meat, produce and ingredients that are purchased based on lunches that are preordered by our students.  If we are not notified of cancellations in a timely order or lunches are not picked up, this food goes to waste.  Additionally, please note if a lunch is canceled, we issue credit and then ask that you order accordingly for when they return.  We are unable to swap days due to missed lunches.