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Give your teachers a gift of Scrip! 

Many families like to give a gift of thanks to their children’s teachers at Christmas time and the end of the year. By giving a gift of SCRIP, you can easily take care of this item on your shopping list!  

Each teacher will be given a grand total and a list of families who contributed. The teacher gets to pick how to spend the cash. Please contact with any questions. 

Don't forget to check off more of your summer shopping list while raising money for Sacred Heart! Buy SCRIP gift cards as gifts or to purchase your groceries and supplies at the stores you shop the most.

Scrip is a great way to support Sacred Heart School

Purchasing SCRIP is easy and completed online.   To setup your online account,  please follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on Great Lakes Scrip Center.
  2. After creating the account,  you will be prompted for an enrollment code. Our school code is BLB354F953L1. Online,  you can purchase physical gift cards or eGift cards.  You can also reload existing cards.   Cards you wish to order on a regular basis can be added to your “Favorites List” and added to your order with a single click.   How soon your cards are available depends on your method of payment.  

ScripNow! & Reloads – when online payment is processed (usually within minutes)Physical Gift cards: Orders placed by 12 pm on Tuesday are usually available for pick up the following Monday PrestoPay Signup (please allow 2-5 days)

Checks & Credit Cards   

ScripNow! & Reloads are released Wednesday afternoons after payments have been verified.Physical Gift cards: Orders placed by 12 pm on Tuesday are usually available for pick up the following MondayPayments must be received by 12 pm on Tuesday.   

Checks should be dropped off at the school office

Other helpful links:

To contact the SCRIP sales manager, email Beth Granlund