Student Council & Commissions

Student Council  

Student council members are middle school students elected by the entire student body to serve one year terms in school leadership roles. They coordinate assemblies, plan student social events, raise funds for community organizations, make daily announcements to school over the intercom and serve as role models to their fellow students. There are ten positions on student council:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Spirit Commissioner
  • Green Team Commissioner
  • Faith Commissioner
  • Technology Commissioner
  • Activities Commissioner
  • Sports Commissioner

Student Council Commissions

The elected student council commissioners lead our school commissions, which meet at least twice monthly during lunch and recess. All middle school students are welcome to serve on commissions. 

Spirit Commission

The goal of the spirit commission is to ensure that all students feel that they are an integral part of the Sacred Heart community. This is accomplished in two ways:

  1. Members celebrate each student at the school's birthday with a shout on on our morning announcements, a fun activity at our assemblies, and with a note and small gift from the Spirit Commission to the student.
  2. Members invite the entire student body to help choose the theme days for Spirit Week each spring. Spirit Week is the lead up to our Field Day and is a fun way to join together as a community and celebrate our friendships and our school! The Spirit Commission is a fun-loving group of student leaders who are excited to share our love of Sacred Heart with our community.

Led by Mrs. Caroline Johnson, Director of Admissions

Green Commission

Green Team will be setting “green” goals for our school, which includes identifying ways that our school can be more environmentally friendly and take action. The students educate and promote solutions to the Sacred Heart School community. 

Led by Ms. Emma Metzger, 4th Grade Teacher. 

Faith Commission

Students are involved in building a strong foundation of faith at Sacred Heart School. Together they choose a bible verse for the week that is announced every Monday and Friday along with the morning prayer to the entire school over the intercom. Members are involved in all parts of the Mass and other religious gatherings and lead 2-3 Masses each year. In December, members distribute St. Nicholas gifts to all the students, and during Catholic Schools Week they carry out recognitions.

Led by Mrs. Gabby Riehl, Middle School Religion Teacher.

Technology Commission

Technology Commission’s goal is to support technology use at Sacred Heart School, especially from a student perspective. The Technology Commission has several primary goals for the 2019-2020 school year, most notably the implementation of the Student Technology Reps program which allows 1st-5th graders to serve as classroom technology leaders. Members of Technology Commission come with various levels of technology experience, but with the common goal of using technology to make the Sacred Heart School experience the best it can be. 

Led by Ms. Lindsay Mannion, Educational Technology Specialist. 

Activities Commission

Members plan all three middle school dances and help with set up. Additionally, they coordinate and communicate to all students about Leukemia and Lymphoma fundraising week. Activities commission members lead a Mass and help with Catholic Schools Week activities.

Led by Mrs. Erica Pierson, Vice Principal. 

Sports Commission

Members recognize athletes of the week, recognize those in CYO sports each season, and recognize CYO teams headed to playoffs.