Spring Musical - Frozen and The Addams Family

Junior Player Lottery will be open

February 22nd—26th

2nd - 3rd graders are invited to participate in this year's musical as a Junior Player!  Junior Players do NOT audition for the play. Instead, spaces will be distributed via a lottery system.

Twenty spaces are available via the lottery. Five additional spaces are being offered to now-third graders who were waitlisted and did not receive offers in last year’s Junior Players lottery. This ensures that interested students are not waitlisted for two years in a row. Second graders who are waitlisted this year will be offered a similar opportunity for next year’s musical.

For more information on the Junior Players program, use your student's SHS log-in to download the Parent Handbook.

The registration lottery opens on Monday, February 22nd at 8:00am and closes on Friday, February 26th at noon.  The link will go live when the lottery opens.

Junior Players Lottery Link


Main Cast Auditions will be held online via Flipgrid from February 8th—15th

4th - 8th graders are invited to audition for this year's musical double-feature!  All materials and forms are available in the Files and Paperwork Folder on OneDrive, including Audition Materials and Song Files. You must be signed into your SHS Office365 account to access materials.

Use this moderated Flipgrid to upload your audition.  Because of the holiday weekend, we are extending auditions through Monday night from the previously announced date of February 14th.  The Flipgrid will be open until February 15th at 8:00pm. 

Audition Links

All links require students to be signed into their SHS Office365 account.  

Files and Paperwork Folder on OneDrive

  • Audition Materials - Here's where you'll find all the materials and information about auditioning
  • Song Files - The songs files for all the audition songs can be found here
  • Flipgrid link for audition upload


Audition Paperwork


Other Links