Tuition & Fees

Tuition Schedule for 2019-20 School Year:

Contributing Parishioner Annual Tuition Grades K-8*

One Child (K-8) - $ 9,475

Two Children (K-8) - $17,980

Three or More Children (K-8) - $26,255

Out of Parish Annual Tuition Grades K-8

One Child (K-8) - $ 13,620

Two Children (K-8) - $26,995

Three or More Children (K-8) - $40,545

Pre-Kindergarten Annual Tuition

Option A – Half day program 5 days/week - $5,780

Option B - Full day program 5 days/week - $10,960

Option C - Partial full day program - $8,940

For more details about our Pre-K schedules options, please visit our Pre-Kindergarten Page

For details about sibling discounts for Pre-Kindergarten students, please contact Admissions Director Laura Leach.



Registration Fees

  • Returning Families: $ 135
  • New Families:  $235

Registration Fees are non-refundable

Mandatory Fees

The following table lists the various mandatory fees. All mandatory fees that apply to your child’s class will be automatically added to your final statement along with any selected optional fees. Mandatory Fees are non-refundable.

  • Auction class project (All Students) - $20 per child
  • Field Day Lunch (All Students) - $5 per child
  • Kindergarten Fee (Kindergarten Students) - $800
  • Environmental Camp (6th  Grade Students) - $300
  • 6th Grade Retreat (6th Grade Students) - $75
  • 7th Grade Retreat (7th Grade Students) - $75
  • 8th Grade Retreat (8th Grade Students) - $145
  • Graduation fee (8th Grade Students) - $190

Optional Fees

  • Class picture - $5 per child
  • Milk for lunch - $12 per child/school year
  • Yearbook - $35 per copy
  • Service Job Opt-Out - $1,000 per family/school year

Tuition Payment Options & Withdrawal Liability

Tuition Payment Options

1. Pay in full by August 30, 2019 


2. Enroll in the FACTS® tuition Management Service. Payments begin in July.

  • FACTS allows you to pay monthly through automatic withdrawal
  • For families choosing automatic withdrawal, there is no service charge
  • Families choosing to be billed by FACTS or paying by credit card through FACTS will incur a monthly service charge

Withdrawal Policy and Withdrawal Tuition Liability:

Withdrawal Policy and Withdrawal Tuition Liability:

Families who make a decision to withdraw from Sacred Heart School after registering must notify the school in writing. Families are also asked to make an appointment with the office for an exit interview prior to leaving the school. Sacred Heart School will not forward records for students who withdraw with an outstanding balance (tuition, fees, and/or fundraising).

Depending on the date of withdrawal, families are liable for the percentage of the total annual tuition as indicated below:

  • February – the day before 1st day of school - $25 of annual tuition
  • 1st day of school – October - 60% of annual tuition
  • November - $80% of annual tuition
  • December and beyond - 100% of annual tuition

* Prior to receiving the Contributing Parishioner Tuition Rate, families must:

  • Be registered in Sacred Heart Parish (families transferring in from another parish must have their prior parish complete the New Family Parish Participation Form [right click and select “Save Link As”] and have their parish submit this directly to Sacred Heart Church for approval before being granted the Contributing Parishioner Tuition rate);
  • Regularly participate in Sunday Eucharist and other liturgies where we gather as a parish community to worship;
  • Have a current Stewardship of Treasure Pledge Card on file at the parish and be demonstrating a consistent amount of financial support to the parish to fulfill that pledge. Parish contribution records of Sacred Heart School families paying contributing parishioner tuition rates will be reviewed quarterly. In a case when a regular pattern of contributions has not been established, that family may be notified that they will need to pay at the out of parish tuition rate.
  • The registering student must be baptized Catholic at the time of registration or have a plan for baptism or reception into the Catholic Church through the RCIA program organized with the parish at time of registration.

Determination of each family’s eligibility for contributing parishioner tuition rate is at the sole discretion of the Sacred Heart Pastor.