Classroom Info Session Videos

Welcome to Sacred Heart School!

To help you learn more about each grade level, subject area, and specialist class offered at our school, our teachers and staff have each created an info session video giving an overview of their program.

Please click below to watch any of the videos in any subject area.

Pre-Kindergarten Info Session Video


Primary Grades (K-2) Info Session Videos


1st Grade

2nd Grade


Intermediate Grades (3-5) Info Session Videos

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

4th & 5th Grade Math Specialist

Specialist Class Info Session Videos

Student Support Info Session Videos

Academic Resource Class (ARC)

Reading Specialist - Ayishah Robinson

Learning Support Specialist - Esther Kritovich

School Psychologist - COMING SOON!

Extracurricular Activities

Playmakers - After School Drama Program

Student Council

Extended School Services (ESS) - COMING SOON!