TEC Week

Our annual TEC Week includes the following opportunities for our students to experience and experiment with technology and engineering:

Technology and Engineering Guest Presenters

Each class has two Teams sessions with tech and engineering professionals. Guest presenters in 2022 include:

  • Juan Peñarrieta - Virtual Assistants & Virtual Reality
  • José Gutierrez - Innovation & Creativity
  • JR Tietsort - Cybersecurity
  • Shannon Parayil - Netflix Animated Shows
  • Justin Corbett - Co-Founding Engineer of Weel Autonomy, an autonomous bicycle startup
  • Noah Davis - Artificial Intelligence in Game Development
  • Susie Vowinkel - Google

TEC Week Competitions

Students at all grade levels are encouraged to participate in our TEC Week competitions:

1. Maker Competition

Students are challenged to make something useful/helpful using any recyclable materials from our Sacred Heart School Makerspace. 

2. Engineer Competition

Students are challenged to use a digital tool to teach others about an engineer of their choosing.

Student Projects Featured in Morning Announcements

Throughout TEC Week student projects are shared with the school community in the daily morning video announcements. Some projects featured in 2022 include:

  • 3rd grade's 3D design prints
  • 4th grade's STEM Around the World Solutions
  • 8th grade's computer games