We approach technology education in the same we that we approach reading instruction, beginning with small and explicit lessons on basic use, to the development of a more meaningful consideration and application of the skill, ending in a release to using technology as a cross-curricular tool.

  1. We teach explicit technology lessons so that students learn everything from basic vocabulary for navigation, to the meaning of symbols on their screen, to the correct home row keyboarding hand placement, and more!
  2. We introduce the Office365 programs, such as OneDrive, PowerPoint, Word, and Sway into projects beginning in 2nd grade so that students may begin to apply the explicit technology skills they have gained cross-curricularly.
  3. We teach explicit lessons, in coordination with our school counselor, on digital citizenship and online safety. We push students to consider what it means to be a Catholic when using technology. We also ask students to reflect on their personal balance of screen time with other areas of life to develop thoughtfulness and mindfulness.
  4. We introduce educational programs, such as OneNote and online textbooks, and allow increased opportunities for authentic device use for research, communication, collaboration, and organization.
  5. We incorporate game-based programs so that students can engage with material in motivating and memorable ways. We use communication platforms to give every student a voice in the classroom.
  6. We provide opportunities for students to struggle, problem solve, and reach solutions through coding and robotics centers, lessons, units, and elective courses.


  • Grades 6-8: one-to-one Bring Your Own Device Program
  • Grades 1-5: students have access to shared Surface carts using  Microsoft Windows 
  • All classrooms are equipped with digital, interactive display boards 
  • 100% of teaching staff uses Surface Pro Devices

Office365 & Online Programs

  • All students have an Office365 account (email to/from outside email addresses is blocked in K-5)
  • In 2nd grade, students learn basic Word and PowerPoint skills, and practice using their Outlook email by sending and receiving messages to/from their teachers
  • In 3rd-5th grade students continue to learn Word and PowerPoint, as well as Sway, OneDrive, and Teams
  • In 6th-8th grade students learn to use OneNote for course material, notes, class activities, and homework
  • Supplemental Online Programs include:
    • Adobe Spark: Students create visual and video media
    • Accelerated Reader: Reading online quizzes
    • BrainPOP: Students learn concepts through fun videos, take quizzes, and explore concepts through simulations and games
    • Duolingo: supplemental Spanish practice
    • Lexia: Reading support
    • MathWhizz: 1-5 additional math challenge and remediation
    • Newsela: Students read differentiated, high-interest texts then take quizzes with immediate feedback and opportunity for learning
    • Xtra Math: 1-5 math fact practice
  • All students have a digital portfolio using OneNote where work is documented from year to year 

Technology Learning and Curriculum

  • Weekly technology instruction in grades 1-8 
  • provides a technology curriculum for grades K-8 which includes lessons on the 12 Essential Digital Literacy Skills: Computer Fundamentals, Coding, Keyboarding, Online Safety & Digital Citizenship, Computational Thinking, Multimedia, Internet Usage & Online Communication, Visual Mapping, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, and Presentation

Coding and Robotics

  • Pre-K: Informally explore coding concepts through play-based tactile Code-A-Pillar robot
  • 1st Grade: Kinesthetically explore coding concepts with Cubelets robotic blocks
  • 3rd Grade: Code Monkey to introduce basic coding concepts (directions, patterns, algorithms)
  • 4th Grade: Blockly block coding to apply concepts to Dot & Dash robots
  • 5th Grade: Extension of Blockly block coding to complete more difficult Dot & Dash challenges
  • Middle School: Toggle between block coding and Javascript with MakeCode to program Micro:bit and Cue Robot

Tech Team

Mrs. Deanna Simons

Mrs. Deanna Simons

Educational Technology Specialist, MS Electives
Mrs. Nancy Schoeggl

Mrs. Nancy Schoeggl

IT Director
Mr. Joe Daly

Mr. Joe Daly

5th Grade Aide, Tech Support