Incoming 4th Graders Summer Skills

Summer Reading

Summer Math

Option A: Incoming 4th Grade Math Packet (*Required for all students*)

  • Will be made at school and delivered to students before the summer arrives
  • An electronic copy of this book will be available on the SHS website
  • This book focuses on reviewing material that has been taught this year, as well as strengthening student math fact retention with weekly timed tests
  • No cost

Option B: Math Whizz and Xtra Math (Optional, but recommended for further progression, application of mathematical skills, and multiplication/division practice)

  • Students continue to access their accounts at home during the summer.
    Need to log on at least 45 minutes a week for Math Whizz and 3 times a week for Xtra Math to see growth.
  • Progress is monitored and growth is tracked. Teachers are able to use this data to prepare for September.
  • No Cost