Student Support

Sacred Heart School strives to educate and form students with a wide variety of strengths and needs. Our classroom teachers, educational specialists, counselor, health room coordinator, and administration work closely together to support students with both short-term and ongoing needs.

School Counselor

Our School Counselor, Kari Boyd, is on campus Mondays - Thursdays. Her mission is to meet the needs of the social and emotional health of our Sacred Heart students, and to ensure that they are all able to reach their God-given potential. To learn more about how our school counselor supports and educates our students please visit our School Counselor Page.

Academic Resource Class (ARC)

ARC is an elective class offered to our Middle School students who would benefit from the following academic touchstones:

  • Curriculum Support: Pre-teaching and re-teaching core skills in reading, writing and math
  • Executive Skills: Developing self-management, organizational, and self-advocacy strategies and skills 
  • Study skills: Helping students learn how to study effectively and efficiently
  • Risk-Free Learning Environment: Encouraging students to take risks, ask questions, seek help and feel supported by peers and the teacher

To learn more about our ARC program, designed by our ARC Director Rosemarie Engman, please visit our ARC Page.

Reading Specialist

Our Reading Specialist, Beth Klein, works with small groups of students in grades 1-5 who need extra support in reading (typically two 30-minute sessions per week). For more details about how our Reading Specialist supports our students, please go to our Reading Specialist Page.

Math Specialist

Our Math Specialist, Claudia Jorissen, teaches math to students in grades 3-5 who would benefit from additional challenge and faster paced learning.  Please visit our Math Specialist Page for more details.,