Student Learning Expectations (SLEs)

students around the alter at mass

A Sacred Heart Student Is...

An Active Catholic Who 

  • Understands Catholic beliefs and traditions  
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of the Bible 
  • Serves others  
  • Participates reverently in Mass, prayer, and sacraments 

An Engaged Learner Who 

  • Works toward personal excellence 
  • Uses inquiry and analysis 
  • Shows creativity in his or her work 
  • Practices effective organization and study habits 

An Effective Communicator Who 

  • Actively listens 
  • Engages in constructive collaboration 
  • Clearly conveys ideas in written and oral forms 
  • Respectfully advocates for self and others 

An Empowered Individual Who 

  • Makes moral decisions based on his or her faith 
  • Demonstrates problem-solving skills and perseverance 
  • Sets and works to achieve personal goals 
  • Acts with integrity, patience, and respect