Remote Learning

Currently all of our students (Pre-K - 8th Grade) have the option to be back on campus for in person learning.

Conversely, all students also have the option to participate in remote instruction.

Students are able to pivot between in person and remote instruction as needed.



There is nothing like a crisis to demonstrate the metal of a team and you and your team have demonstrated your metal in spades. I am astounded at the preparation and planning you and your staff had put in place ahead of the world events finding us and have nothing but gratitude, admiration and respect for the Sacred Heart School team. My 3 children are receiving the best possible learning experience during this crisis. Their teachers have all gone above and beyond and have made the most for the kids and their families. The online learning experience at Sacred Heart is first rate given all of the limitations. The curriculum is as good as it could possibly be, the interaction between students and teachers isn’t ideal compared to the in person learning experience, but it is a tremendous online experience. Thank you to the Sacred Heart faculty and staff. You are demonstrating heroism, courage and passion to our kids and our family and are a bright lighted beacon during a very challenging time! Thank you, Dave Martine - Parent to current 5th, 3rd, and 1st grade SHS students in an email to Principal David Burroughs, March 2020



Remote learning can be as rigorous as a day in the classroom. Working together, our goal is to continue to provide an excellent education for all of our students and to ensure that they are well-prepared for the following school year by staying connected through live instruction.

Guide to Microsoft Tools used for Remote Learning - Things to Know & Helpful Tips

School Schedule for Remote Learning (PDF) (Revised 8/16/2020)

SHS Tips for Remote Learning

Remote Learning Expectations - A great video by our 4th grade team!

Fall 2020 Remote Learning Schedules

Weekly Class Newsletters

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Continuing to Build Community and Educate the Whole Child

In addition to providing an excellent education in core curriculum areas via remote instruction during our campus closure, we continued to provide special events and experiences for our students:

  • School Mass live-streamed weekly 
  • Virtual community events including 
  • Specialist classes continuing as regular part of schedule throughout campus closure:
    • Art
    • Music
    • P.E. 
    • Spanish (K-8)
    • Guidance Lessons with school counselor


Remote Learning Resources

Remote Learning FAQ