First Grade

Our goal for the first grade year is that students grow as readers and mathematicians, as well as grow deeper in their faith. We strive to instill a love of school and learning. 

There are two first grade homeroom classes, each with a maximum of 25 students. There are two full time dedicated teachers, and one full time aide who is dedicated to the first grade.

First Grade Team

Miss Caroline Daly

Miss Caroline Daly

1st Grade Teacher (1A)
Mrs. Emily Kirwan

Mrs. Emily Kirwan

1st Grade Teacher (1B)
Mrs. Sharon Reding

Mrs. Sharon Reding

1st Grade Aide



We want students to leave first grade being confident readers (ideally a level J reading level). We do this by focusing on: 

  • Phonics 
  • Strategies for decoding 
  • Strategies for word solving 
  • Weekly reading comprehension checks 
  • Fluency practice 
  • Promoting the Accelerated Reader program in the classroom 
  • Providing whole and small group lessons 

Textbook: Journeys Curriculum 

Reading Specialist 

  • Works with small groups of students who need extra support in two 30-minute sessions per week 
  • Reinforces phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, sight words, fluency, and comprehension 
  • Use a guided reading model 
  • Assesses progress and monitors students’ instructional reading level three times per year using Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System; communicate growth & goals to parents 

Textbooks: Journeys Intervention Materials/Write-In Reader; Haggerty Phonemic Awareness; Wired For Reading curriculum on case-by-case basis

Language Arts



  • Personal Narratives 
  • Informational Writing 
  • Opinion Writing 
  • Handwriting (Zaner Bloser) 

Textbook:  Journeys Curriculum 


First grade students have weekly spelling tests. Some of our units include: 

  • Short vowels 

  • Long vowels 

  • Digraphs 

  • Compound words 

  • R Controlled vowels 

  • Contractions  

Textbook: Journeys Curriculum  



  • Beginning understanding of things like: Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, Conjunctions, Subject/Predicate etc. 

Textbook: Journeys Curriculum 




  • Addition & Subtraction (knowing their “fast facts”) 
  • Addition & Subtraction with and without regrouping 
  • Other topics covered: measurement, money, time, geometry, patterns 
  • Providing whole and small group lessons 
  • Math Whizz is introduced in 1st grade – this is an online individualizedtutor that students can work on at school, as well as at home. 

Textbook: Math in Focus 1A & 1B


Units include:

  • Technology and Engineering 
  • Light and Sound 
  • Plant and Animal Structures 
  • Objects and Patterns in the Sky 

Textbook: Houghton Mifflin 

Social Studies


  • Families Long Ago & Today
  • Geography
  • United States Presidents
  • Community Economics
  • Storypath: Understanding Goods & Services – Main Street


Units include:

  • The Bible 
  • Advent/Christmas 
  • Lent/Easter 
  • The Mass  

Required prayers: 

  • Our Father 
  • Hail Mary 
  • Glory Be 
  • Verse from the Liturgy of the Hours 

Each 1st grade class has the opportunity to lead a Wednesday school Mass, as well as a Sunday Mass.  


  • Art (twice a week, 60 minutes total) with the Art Teacher in the Art Room
  • Music (twice a week, 60 minutes total) with the Music Teacher in the Music Room
  • Library (once a week, 30 minutes) with the School Librarian in the Library
  • Guidance (twice a month, 30 minutes per lesson) with the School Counselor in the classroom
  • Spanish (once a week, 30 minutes) with the Primary Grade Spanish Teacher in the classroom 
  • PE (twice a week, 50 minutes total) with the PE Teacher in the Gym 


  • First outbound field trip to the Seattle Childrens' Theater which is tied into a children's novel study 
  • Begin to learn about technology using the curriculum 
  • Students are responsible for weekly homework packets 
  • Students are responsible for a monthly book report 
  • Meet with our 7th grade buddies once a month for an activity 
  • Scholastic Weekly Reader