Middle School Service Program

Sacred Heart students commit to the living value of service by engaging in active, generous, compassionate care to others. The middle school students at Sacred Heart are required to complete Stewardship Hours as a part of living this value, and the completion of this service will be a part of their religion grade each trimester. 6th grade students are required to complete a total of 6 hours over the course of the school year. 7th and 8th grade students are required to complete a total of 20 hours over the course of the school year.

Number of required hours per trimester for each grade level:

Trimester 1 & Trimester 3
  • 6th Grade - 2 hours
  • 7th Grade - 7 hours
  • 8th Grade - 7 hours
Trimester 2
  • 6th Grade - 2 hours
  • 7th Grade - 6 hours
  • 8th Grade - 6 hours
Stewardship Award Requirements per Trimester
  • 6th Grade - 6+ hours
  • 7th Grade - 13+ hours
  • 8th Grade - 13+ hours

Students who exceed the number of required hours each trimester will earn a service award by being placed on the St. Margaret Mary Stewardship Honor Roll. St. Margaret Mary Alacoque was instrumental in the implementation of the modern devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  These students will be recognized at the academic awards assembly and their achievement will be listed on their individual report cards.

Middle School Stewardship Hours FAQ’s

What counts as Stewardship Hours?

Being of service to the community is an important value for students to begin living out in their adolescent years. When making a decision about where to volunteer, students should find opportunities of interest that better increase their understanding of how service to others is necessary to discipleship. Some terrific ways for students to earn hours include: volunteering for the parish by altar serving, helping at Children’s Faith Formation or the Parish Festival, working at local food banks, baby or pregnancy centers, helping at park or community clean-up projects, and volunteering to help in a teacher’s classroom. Students should stay watchful for different service opportunities that arise at and around Sacred Heart School and Parish throughout the school year. If parents or students have any questions about whether something counts towards the Stewardship requirement, do not hesitate to ask the religion teacher.

What does not count as Stewardship Hours?

The following activities will not count towards service requirement: free babysitting, altar serving during school Mass, Playmakers, yearbook staff, ASB, and newspaper staff. Unless otherwise specified by the teacher, in-school community service projects will not go towards the trimester requirement. For example, hours earned through the 6th grade weekly service at the Renewal Food Bank does not count towards the trimester requirement. Once again, please speak with the religion teacher if any questions arise about what possibly counts towards the service requirement.

Are Stewardship Hours a part of the students’ religion grade?

Yes! Each trimester students will be given points for completed service. If a student earns a place on the St. Margaret Mary Stewardship Honor Roll the designation will appear on his or her report card.

How do students record their hours and collect signatures?

Log sheets will be provided by the students’ religion teacherand/or can be accessed on the school website. Students are responsible for holding onto and keeping track of their log sheets. Log sheets will be collected at the end of each trimester by the students’ religion teacher. If a student loses his or her log sheet during the trimester, it is his or her responsibility to collect the signatures on a new sheet. Parents are not allowed to sign their child’s log sheet.

Will hours earned over the summer count toward the requirement?

Stewardship hours earned over the summer count toward the first trimester requirement only. Hours that exceed the first trimester requirement will go toward that student’s goal of earning a place on the St. Margaret Mary Stewardship Honor Roll for the first trimester. Exception is participation in the Youth Migrant Project which will count for 33 hours of service for the school year. (13 first trimester, 10 second trimester, and 10 third trimester)