Each trimester middle school students are enrolled in one elective class. Elective classes meet two times per week. The following electives are being offered in the 2023-2024 school year:


  • Intro to Tech (6th)
  • Web Design (7th)
  • Game Design (8th)



  • Music Fun (6th)
  • Ukelele (7th)
  • Guitar (8th)


  • Art Exploration (6th)
  • Studio Art (7th)
  • Drawing (8th)


Drama/Social Justice:

  • Acting (6th)
  • Responses to Genocide (7th)
  • Improv (8th)


Life Skills (8th)

*In the first trimester, all sixth grade students are enrolled in Office 365 Basics as their Fall elective. Students learn about and practice fundamental Office365 programs such as Outlook, Teams, OneNote, and Sway within the Project Based Learning structure. The goal of this elective course is to prepare students to successfully participate in the Bring Your Own Device program, and to develop problem solving and collaboration skills.