Eighth Grade



Eighth grade focuses on identifying literary elements and their impact the narrative, maintaining 10 reading proficiencies such as using context clues, visualization, questioning the text, and text connections. Student are encouraged to read for entertainment and track their growth on Accelerated Reader. By the end of the year, students lead the literary discussion through Socratic Seminars. This helps them dive deeper into critical thinking and text analysis to help prepare for them for literary studies in high school

Novels: Touching Spirit Bear, Martian Chronicles, Macbeth, and The Life of Frederick Douglass: A Graphic Novel

Language Arts


Students work on organization of ideas in large writings assignments (essays), citation of evidence from a variety of sources (text evidence, research sources, etc.), literary analysis, and synthesis of ideas between texts. They write at least three major pieces focusing on literary analysis, persuasive, and narrative.  

Textbook: Step Up to Writing Curriculum (supplemented by Excellence in Writing curriculum) 


Focus: Parts of Sentence (including, Subjects, Predicate, Subjective Compliments,Verbals, Phrases and Clauses) 

Textbook: Daily Warm Ups: Grammar, Daily Oral Language 


Algebra 1 is the course taken by students who have successfully completed the Advanced 1 and 2 courses in sixth and seventh grade. The course introduces students to the algebraic concepts of real numbers, linear equations, inequalities, proportional reasoning, different families of functions, linear equations in two variables, systems of equations, exponential functions, polynomials, quadratic functions, radicals and rational expressions.   This course is designed for students who have a high mathematical ability and who can master algebraic content and maintain the fast pace dictated by the curriculum map and pacing guide. The class will not review or remediate prerequisite material. The content will be heavily applied and require students to extend their problem-solving skills. Students successfully completing this course in eighth grade could test into Geometry or Algebra 2 for their first year of high school dependent upon the entering high school’s placement criteria. 

Eighth grade math is a course designed to prepare students to successfully enter Algebra 1 in the 9th grade. This course introduces algebraic concepts and reviews/reteaches pre-algebraic concepts that are imperative for high school success. The topics of this course include linear equations and inequalities, linear functions and systems, introduction to exponents, volume, angles, triangles, roots, Pythagorean Theorem, and data analysis and displays as well as selected topics in statistics and probability. 

Students are grouped by ability into grade-level or accelerated classes. Students are placed into math classes based on standardized testing, previous class grades, and end and beginning of year placement test. This is done to ensure that all students are placed in a course in which they will master content and grow in confidence.   


  • Algebra 1 Math: (Prentice Hall) 
  • 8th Grade Level Math: Big Ideas Series (Blue Book).  


Focus: overview of basic chemistry and physics including, but not limited to astronomy, states of matter, atoms and element structure, using the Periodic Table, bonds, reactions, solutions, Newton’s Laws of motion, force, work, energy, and simple machines. Students will use inquiry-based writing and thinking skills to complete coursework in class which will be applied to student-designed labs towards the end of the year.   

Textbook: Holt Science Spectrum; Physical Science 

Religion & Service

Students focus on the Church, its role in their lives and its history. They also discover their own personal call to holiness as members of the Church and disciples of Christ. Students learn about and lead Mass.

Eighth graders lead school Family groups and meetings. At these meetings they teach an important concept about our faith including the liturgical year, the Mass, Saints, and Catholic Social Teachings. 

Students are required to complete at least seven service hours each trimester. If they serve thirteen or more hours they earn the St. Margaret Mary Service Award. For more details, please visit our Middle School Service Page.

Textbook: Faith and Life Series: Our Life the Church, Family Life series 

Social Studies

Focus: U.S. history from the formation of our country through the transformation during the Civil War. Students spend the first half of the year studying the creation, adaptation, and impact of the Constitution, culminating in a Simulated Congressional Hearing. Students study primary sources and see how our government and its citizens have faced challenges over the last 200 years up through current events. The second half of the year focuses on how the Industrial Revolution and Westward Expansion lead to the Civil War, and students participate in a simulation of the struggle between the blue and the grey at the end of the year.

Textbook: We the People: Citizens and the Constitution, American Nation


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Physical Education

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Students are assigned a homeroom teacher and they meet as a class daily for 30 minutes. Following are some of the activities that take place during homeroom period.

Power School Checks

Once a week, students print a list of missing assignments and communicate their plan for turning them in. 

Homework Jumpstart 

Two days a week, students work on homework, class work, long-term projects, or read an Accelerated Reader book. 


Study Skills


  • Congressional Hearings 

  • Field trip to see Romeo and Juliet and a seminar on Stage Combat and Elizabethan dance 

  • Second grade buddies, activities once a month with buddies 

  • Every other year, there is an optional trip to Washington, DC, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg during spring break for 7thand 8th graders  

  • Right of Passage Experience (ROPE) - The ROPE is a culminating experience for a student's time at Sacred Heart School. In the Spring of their eighth grade year, each Sacred Heart student prepares a ROPE presentation which focuses on four areas:

  1. One way they have developed their character during their years at Sacred Heart School
  2. What specific things they have learned, read, experienced, or done at Sacred Heart School that helped develop this part of their character.
  3. What is their personal goal for four years from now 
  4. Students also write a letter to their future selves about the things that they hope to accomplish and the people they want to be in three years. 

Each student presents their ROPE presentation to our school principal, their parents, and any teachers or other family members they wish to invite.


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Where do Sacred Heart Graduates attend High School and College?

Each year our Eighth Grade graduates go on to attend a multitude of different high schools. Please visit our Alumni Page to see which high schools our most recent graduates are attending.

While the high schools our graduates attend varies from year to year, Sacred Heart students are consistently accepted to the most rigorous and competitive Catholic and Private High Schools in the greater Seattle area. Our graduates are sought after by all of the high schools - both private and public - and most go on to achieve great success in high school and beyond.