Middle School (6-8)

The middle school at Sacred Heart marks the time of greatest independence, responsibility, and leadership as our students prepare for high school and beyond.

The middle school students at Sacred Heart each have their own independent schedules with seven class periods. Because they are moving between different classrooms throughout the school day, each student has an assigned locker. Some other highlights of our middle school include:

Bring Your Own Device Program

All middle school students are required to purchase their own Microsoft surface device to bring to school daily. For more details, please visit our Bring Your Own Device Page.


Each year, middle school students take a variety of elective courses., Elective classes meet twice a week. Please visit our Electives Page for a list of electives currently offered.

Academic Resource Class (ARC)

ARC is an elective class offered to our Middle School students who would benefit from executive skills instruction, pre-teaching, re-teaching and supporting the core curriculum in reading, math and writing, along with learning study skills that match specific learning styles. Please visit our ARC page for more details.

Middle School Service

All Middle School students are required to complete stewardship hours as part of living the value of service to others. For details about our service program requirements and service opportunities, please visit our Middle School Service Page.

Student Council

Student Council officers and commissioners are middle school students elected by the entire student body to serve one year terms in school leadership roles. They coordinate assemblies, plan student social events, raise funds for community organizations, head up our commissions, and serve as role models to their fellow students.  All middle school students are welcome to serve on commissions.

View more information about Student Council and Commissions

Middle School Team

Please visit our Middle School Team page for a directory of our middle school teachers and staff.

Curriculum, Special Projects, and Events

For details about each of our grade levels in middle school, please visit the grade level specific pages.

Watch our Middle School Info Session Videos