Third Grade

In third grade, students are taught to become independent and responsible for their own learning. Third grade is a year of transition from the primary to the intermediate grades. Students get a planner to track their nightly homework and use a binder system to start learning materials management skills. We are a class and grade community, working toward pursuing a common goal of becoming lifelong learners! 

Walk into one of our two third grade classrooms and you will see students working together in small groups, students working one-on-one with our dedicated instructional aide, students sharing presentations with the class, students participating in hands-on learning opportunities, students working on one of our Microsoft Surface Pros, or students doing a variety of other exciting activities.

There are two third grade homeroom classes, each with a maximum of 25 students. There are two full time dedicated teachers, and one full time aide who is dedicated to the third grade.

Third Grade Team

Mrs. Jayme Canfield

Mrs. Jayme Canfield

3rd Grade Teacher (3B)
Miss Anne Etter

Miss Anne Etter

3rd Grade Teacher (3A)
Ms. Claudia Jorissen

Ms. Claudia Jorissen

3rd-5th Math Specialist
Mrs. Stephanie Arildson

Mrs. Stephanie Arildson

3rd Grade Aide



Focus: Apply decoding strategies, recognize and read high-frequency words, compare and contrast literature, determine cause and effect, note important details and identify story structure, recognize and write a main idea, topic, and supporting details, predict and infer, recognize fact and opinion, write with comprehension, and follow oral and written directions.  

Textbook: Journeys 

Novel units: 

  • In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson 
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins 
  • Sadako and the 1,000 Paper Cranes 
  • Charlotte’s Web 
  • Book clubs start in Spring 

Reading Specialist 

  • Works with small groups of students who need extra support in two 30-minute sessions per week 

  • Reinforces phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, sight words, fluency, and comprehension 

  • Uses a guided reading model 

  • Assesses progress and monitors students’ instructional reading level three times per year using Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System; communicate growth & goals to parents 

Textbook: Journeys Intervention Materials/Write-In Reader; Haggerty Phonemic Awareness & Wired for Reading on case-by-case basis 

Language Arts


Focus: Complete sentences and organized multi-paragraph format: narrative, persuasive and opinion. 


Focus: Students’ active learning of spelling skills and concepts for long tern learning and application to many more words. Sitton uses formative assessment to guide instruction and identify words students have not yet mastered. In addition, Sitton holds students accountable for spelling skills through proofreading everyday writing, with a “no excuses” outlook for misspelling assigned words.  

Textbook: Sitton Spelling 


Focus: Parts of Speech, Kinds of Sentences (Simple, Compound, Complex), Quotations, Commas, Editing for Mechanics 

Textbook: Journeys 


Focus:  Introduction and daily practice of cursive writing.  

Textbook: Zaner Bloser, Handwriting. 


Focus: Numbers to 10,000, Mental Math and Estimation, Addition and Subtraction to 10,000, Using Bar Models, Meaning of Multiplication and Division, Mental Multiplication and Division, Angles and Lines, Area and Perimeter, Fractions, Money, Time and Temperature 

Textbook: Math in Focus 


Focus: Develops and uses models through Monthly STEM activities, plans and carries out investigations with life, physical and earth science. 

Textbook: HMH Science Dimensions

Social Studies

Focus: Communities Around US, Communities and Geography, Communities Over Time, Citizens and Government, Working in Communities (Economics), Map and Globe Skills 

Textbook: Harcourt Press/Supplemented 


Focus: God Loves Us, God Created the World, Learning About God, The Promise of a Savior, God’s Family on Earth, The Communion of Saints, The Christ Child is Born, Jesus Grows in Age and Wisdom, The Holy Mass, Offering Jesus to the Father, The Bread of Life, God’s Tender Mercy (Reconciliation), The Last Supper, Jesus Gives his Life for Us, Jesus Rises in Splendor, The Coming of the Holy Spirit, Mary Our Mother and Queen, Abraham, The Prophet Moses, King David, God’s Law of Love and Our Life in the Church. 

Textbook: Faith and Life Series 

Specialist Classes

  • Spanish (30 minutes x2) with the Primary Grades Spanish Teacher in the classroom
  • Art (30 minutes x 2) with the Art Teacher in the Art Room
  • Music (30 minutes x 2) with the Music Teacher in the Music Room
  • PE (25 minutes x 2) with the PE Teacher in the Gym
  • Library (30 minutes) with the School Librarian in the Library
  • Guidance (30 minutes twice per month) with the School Counselor in the classroom
  • Typing (25 minutes) 
  • Technology (Coding, Word Processing, Internet Safety) (45 minutes per week) 


  • Famous Person Biography Report 
  • Saint Report 
  • MOHAI Field Trip 
  • Toymaker Field Trip