Fourth Grade

In fourth grade we strive to nurture in students a love of reading, global awareness, and organized writing.  Our fourth grade prides itself on personal responsibility, teamwork, ownership, and gratitude. One of our main goals is to instill a love of daily reading through choice and the development of good reading habits. 

There are two fourth grade homeroom classes, each with a maximum of 25 students. There are two full time dedicated teachers, and one full time aide who is dedicated to the fourth grade.


Fourth Grade Team

Ms. Emma Metzger

Ms. Emma Metzger

4th Grade Teacher (4A)
Mr. Ethan Granlund

Mr. Ethan Granlund

4th Grade Teacher (4B)
Ms. Claudia Jorissen

Ms. Claudia Jorissen

3rd-5th Math Specialist
Mrs. Kim Short

Mrs. Kim Short

4th Grade Aide



Throughout the year, fourth graders learn reading skills and literary concepts focused on a variety of genres. Units include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, historical fiction, and Greek mythology. Using the workshop style, students learn focused reading skills based on a model text and then apply skills to a text of their choice at their appropriate reading level. Fourth grade uses a variety of reading partners, book clubs, and reader’s theater to engage students in the love of reading. 

Textbook: Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Teaching Reading 

Reading Specialist 

  • Works with small groups of students who need extra support for two 30-minute sessions each week 
  • Reinforces decoding strategies, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills taught in class with instructional level text  
  • Uses a guided reading model 
  • Assess progress and monitors students’ instructional reading level three times per year using Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System; communicate growth & goals to parents 

Textbooks: Reinforce Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Teaching Reading curriculum 

Novels: Use a variety of novels based on students’ Fountas & Pinnell instructional reading level. For example, Ramona and Her Father by Beverly Cleary and Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan.  

Language Arts


Focus: Students practice the five steps to writing through a variety of genres. Fourth grade focuses on organization and purpose of writing. In the fall, we write a long realistic fiction story. We also use figurative language to write a variety of different types of poems. Students then gather research on a country of the world and write an informational essay to report their research. To end the year, students research an organization that makes the world a better place and write a persuasive essay to support this organization. Students also write an organized paragraph analyzing literature. 

Textbook: Reading and Writing Workshop Units of Study 


In 4th grade, we focus on homophones, homonyms, spelling patterns, high frequency Core Words, using research-based instructional model. 

Textbook: Sitton Spelling 


Focus: reinforcement of math facts, two digit by two digit multiplication, division, fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, and angles. Word problems that involve each concept are also practiced within each chapter. Class work revolves around workbook practice, interactive lessons, math games, bar modeling, and small projects.   

Textbook: Math in Focus 


Focus: the physical science concepts of energy transfer and transformation as well as waves. In the earth sciences, fourth graders explore climate zones and how climate impacts natural resources. Life sciences focus on plant and animal parts, structure, and function.  

Textbook: HMH Science Dimensions 

Social Studies

Social Studies in fourth grade is a project-based learning environment. We explore our own great state of Washington and its landmarks, natural resources, economy, and history. We learn about local Native American tribes and their traditions and culture. After our own state, we take off and examine the globe through our culture fair. Students choose a country and complete a research project, essay, and oral presentation. Finally, we follow the footsteps of Lewis and Clark and their amazing journey through the Pacific Northwest.  

Textbook: The Washington Adventure & Supplemental Work 

Religion & Service

Fourth grade religion focuses mostly on learning about Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. We pray every class and work on memorizing the Saint Francis Prayer of Peace & The Memorare. We dive into sections of the Old Testament following the journey of Moses, Noah’s Ark, the Israelites escape from Egypt, and the 10 Commandments. Afterwards, we explore the life of Jesus in the New Testament.   

Textbook: Jesus Our Guide 


Fourth grade sends about eight students to the Garden’s Retirement Home Alzheimer's Unit every Friday. Students play games, create crafts, and spend quality time with the residents.  

Specialist Classes

  • PE twice a week - 50 min with the PE Teacher in the Gym
  • Art twice a week – 60 min with the Art Teacher in the Art Room
  • Music twice a week – 60 min with the Music Teacher in the Music Room
  • Technology (in the classroom) 60 minutes 


  • Field Trip to Tillicum Village 

  • Culture Fair 

  • Field Trip to see the Seattle Symphony