Intermediate (3-5)

Third Grade

In third grade, students are taught to become independent and responsible for their own learning. Third grade is a year of transition from the primary to the intermediate grades. Students get a planner to track their nightly homework and use a binder system to start learning materials management skills. We are a class and grade community, working toward pursuing a common goal of becoming lifelong learners! 

Walk into one of our two third grade classrooms and you will see students working together in small groups, students working one-on-one with our dedicated instructional aide, students sharing presentations with the class, students participating in hands-on learning opportunities, students working on one of our Microsoft Surface Pros, or students doing a variety of other exciting activities.

For more details on our third grade curriculum, enrichment and special programs, please visit our third grade page.

Fourth Grade

In fourth grade we strive to nurture in students a love of reading, global awareness, and organized writing.  Our fourth grade prides itself on personal responsibility, teamwork, ownership, and gratitude. One of our main goals is to instill a love of daily reading through choice and the development of reading habit. 

For more details on our fourth grade curriculum, enrichment and special programs, please visit our fourth grade page.

Fifth Grade

The Sacred Heart fifth graders begin to practice their critical thinking skills by wading into the complexities of each subject. Through rich dialogue, analysis, and activities, students dig deeper into mathematical patterns, engaging storytelling, interconnected etymology, and modern-day ethics. In this way, fifth graders synthesize the skills and concepts they have learned in previous years while preparing for the demands of middle school. 

For more details on our fifth grade curriculum, enrichment and special programs please visit our fifth grade page.