Service Program

Welcome to the Sacred Heart School Service Program. By volunteering in the program, you make a significant contribution to the success of Sacred Heart School and enrich the academic education and student environment for all our students. It is our hope that there are many jobs that match your talents, interests, and availability. There are more jobs than there are families in the school and the program relies on your generosity. Additionally, we count on functional service jobs for the success of our school.

Through our Service Program, parents work side-by-side, develop friendships, and strengthen our community.

The Service Job Sign Up will be emailed at 7am to SHS families on May 20, 2024 for recess duties, followed by all other service jobs on May 23, 2024. Mark your calendars!

Service Job Requirements:

  • Every SHS family is asked to complete one service job
  • Families must be signed up for their service job by the first day of school
  • Families may elect to opt out of the service job requirement by paying a $2,000 opt out fee
  • Families who sign up for but do not fulfill their service job will be charged the $2,000 opt out fee
  • All volunteers must be up-to-date with the Safe Environment Program Requirements


Can't make your recess or lunch duty?

At Sacred Heart, the safety and supervision of all students is of paramount importance. We understand that sometimes volunteers are not able to make their appointed recess duty and lunchroom shifts. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to find a substitute for the shift using the email list provided by the service job coordinator.  

In the event that a volunteer is a no-show for their volunteer shift and a substitute has not been obtained, a warning will be issued to the family. A fee of $100 will be assessed to the family’s School Admin account for each missed shift thereafter.  


Need more information about the program? See our FAQs.

Ready to look for a Service Program job? Start here.