Classroom Community Coordinators (CCC)

Every year each grade has two parent volunteers who serve as Classroom Community Coordinators (CCC's). The two CCC's at each grade level work as a team to support their grade level's teaching team and parent community. 

The CCC's communicate with all the families in their grade level by maintaining a page in our school's communication tool, Bloomz. Through Bloomz, parents can share photos, receive requests for classroom volunteers (i.e., requests for field trip drivers and assistance with class parties), as well as receive classroom newsletters and communications.

CCC's help build the parent and family community at their grade level by planning and organizing ways to bring families together outside the classroom on a regular basis.

2023-2024 Classroom Community Coordinators (CCCs)


Keri Kono and Emily Graefe


Lesley Bobek and Erin Zangari

First Grade

Erin Fong and Jana Frey

Second Grade

Courtney Hynes and Heather Tabler

Third Grade

Melissa Sather and Amy Williams

Fourth Grade

Kyle Clines and Meredith Groseclose

Fifth Grade

Michelle Feldman and Karene Franquelo

Sixth Grade

Cathleen Adams and Stacey Sigmund

Seventh Grade

Stephanie Eyler and Elizabeth Walsh

Eighth Grade

Jenny Swanson and Kylee Tonkin