Our Community

Our community at Sacred Heart School is vibrant and welcoming. We have several programs that help foster this sense of community and welcome all newcomers - both students and their families. 

School Family Groups

Every student in Kindergarten through 8th grade at Sacred Heart School belongs to a "family group". Students are in the same school "families" throughout their years at Sacred Heart School. Each family is composed of two to three students from each grade level. Families meet for monthly family meetings after school assemblies during which they learn about some aspect of the Catholic faith and complete a project together. 

Within a family, the kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students are matched with a "big buddy” from the middle school (kindergarten with 6th grade, 1st grade with 7th grade, and 2nd grade with 8th grade). The students have the same big/little buddy all three years. School families and buddies sit together and with their "family" during Mass. Each family has an assigned color, which they wear for certain events at school such as Field Day – in wearing one color, the families are unified and cheer each other on and support one another at school-wide events.

The program is a wonderful way to bridge the age differences across grades and unify our school. It provides an opportunity for our older students to mentor our younger students and to act as role models.

Welcome Families

“Welcome Families” is a program designed to introduce new families to Sacred Heart School. All new families to Sacred Heart School are paired with another experienced family. The Welcome Family is available to the new family to answer questions, help explain the activities, programs, and culture of the school, and provide a welcome to our community. For more information about this program or to volunteer as a “Welcome Family”, please contact our Admissions Director, Caroline Johnson.

Family Social Events

There are multiple events that take place at Sacred Heart School each year that provide our families with opportunities to gather, have fun, and celebrate our community! Some of the events include:

  • Family Drive-In Movie

  • Trunk or Treat

  • Family Bingo Night

  • Mother Son Bowling

  • Father Daughter Dance

  • Auction Gala (adults only)