In an Emergency

Sacred Heart School takes the safety and security of our students very seriously. We have procedures and equipment in place to keep our school safe from a variety of threats.


School Closure or Delayed Start

Should the school be closed (or opening delayed) due to emergency conditions or inclement weather, you will receive a message via text, email, and phone call. Please make sure that you keep your phone number and email address up to date so that we can reach you in an emergency.

We do our best to assess the situation at the school and the surrounding area as we make our decisions about closures or delays. Our students and staff come to SHS from a wide area and weather conditions may vary. Our primary goal is to ensure the safety of our students, parents, and staff. If the school is not closed or delayed but the conditions are unsafe in your area, please stay home until you can safely make it to school.

General Emergency Procedures

Sacred Heart School conducts monthly emergency drills, including fire, earthquake, and lockdown drills. Our staff members receive regular training in First Aid, CPR, AED, and emergency procedures.

In the event of an emergency, all students must be signed out by a parent or an individual listed as an “emergency contact”.  Please make sure to keep your emergency contacts updated and be sure to let those people know that you have designated them as such.

Students must be signed out from the designated sign-out spots only. Students who normally walk home will not be allowed to do so during an emergency.

Disaster Supplies

Sacred Heart School maintains a supply of food, water, medical supplies, tools, and more for use in case of a disaster that requires students to remain at school beyond a single day.